Friday Faves #14

Welcome back Friday 🙂 I’m kind of excited it’s Friday and kind of nervous because it means I’m racing the next two days. And I use the term race very loosely, I’m more just going out to have fun. As much fun as you can have running 13.1 miles. Sunday I am running a 2… Read More »

Friday Faves #13

It’s Friday…it’s Friday…it’s Friday 🙂 This week flew by!!! Things have been pretty status quo in this neck of the woods. I FINALLY got a long run in…10 miles whoop! I have missed double digit running…even though it was on the treadmill. I had good company for the last 5 miles with a badass triathlon… Read More »

It’s been a long month

I haven’t posted a single thing on the blog for a month. It’s been a long month. The last post I did was about the Chili Bowl race and life was good. Training was going as well as it can for off season. The race was a blast. We had some big snowstorms that canceled both… Read More »

Super Bowl Chili 5K

Superbowl Chili 5k 02.05.2017 10:30 AM Manchester, New Hampshire This is the third time I have run this race, it’s also the third year they have done this race 🙂 I wasn’t blogging the first time I ran this in Feb 2015, but to give a small recap, I was not a “runner” when I… Read More »

Friday Faves #11

I feel like the only posts I have done lately are the Friday Faves and the weekly spin playlists. I haven’t had a whole lot going on, but I’ll get back to it. I’ve been slacking with my training, but that’s starting to come back. And I actually need to get serious because I have… Read More »