Monthly Archives: July 2015

Spin class

I took my first spin class July 2014. I was hooked. It changed my life in so many ways. The style of the instructor was unlike anything I could have imagined. I mean really, who smiles that much while sweating their butt off? That’s not normal. I became a regular. The constant smiles were contagious.… Read More »

Spin class, part 2?

Nope not part 2. Upside to not trashing your legs at a race… Spin class after tri swim class. With the boss (my schedule says spin class with coach but boss works too). And Lori. PUMPED! First, I love spin but I have taken class with 7 different instructors I think. You know I absolutely… Read More »

The triathlon roller coaster

I’m starting to think my rides are cursed. Out for an easy hour ride. Thoroughly enjoying it, taking the time to really look at everything around me. It was Z1, that means a whole lot of coasting for me because I have a very hard time keeping my heart rate that low (side note- in… Read More »

Catching up: June 2015, part two 

The rest of June… First day post tri. Easy quick ride. In the rain. Grabbed the bike and drove the part of my loop that is flat. Unloaded bike, hopped on, thought the car going by would pass quicker than it did… Landed in a bush, in the mud.   Finished work for the summer… Read More »

Race Report: Officially a triathlete!!

June 14, 2015 Greater Nashua Sprint Triathlon Pre race: excited but nervous. Got a bunch of good luck texts. Chatted with Lori via text. My favorite good luck text came right before I put my phone away. Race start 9am. Transition opened at 7am so I got there for 6:45am. Saw my favorite (and only)… Read More »

Catching up: June 2015, part one 

Opened June with a Sox game. Pats and Sox. My friends are good to me. Had a blast!          Went to Mag-a-Palooza for Maggie’s Beat 💜              Somewhere in there I learned why you don’t ride with loose pants. Why? You ask… Well because they get caught in the chain. Good think I… Read More »

Catching up: April 2015 

Starting to get a little more confident on the bike. A little. Still not sure how to drink on the bike because my bike handling skills were iffy at best. Did I send a text to a friend after a ride saying something along the lines of “thanks for the heads up not to open… Read More »