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Race Report: Cranberry Trifest – Olympic

Sunday August 23rd 7:30am Let’s start with the day before… I decided to go competely gluten free again (before my taper started) just bc I feel better when I am gluten free. I don’t get as many migraines, I have more energy  and my stomach isn’t always a mess. I go back and forth all… Read More »

Chapter 1 vs Chapter 20

We all do things we know we shouldn’t do. I have a list a mile long. But one thing I say all the time is: stop comparing your chapter 1 with everyone else’s chapter 20. I know I need to stop, but I always do it. I think oh big deal I’m doing an Olympic… Read More »

70.3 and 140.6

Let’s try this again… I posted this earlier and somehow managed to delete it. Bummer.  My entire day yesterday revolved around triathlon and it was awesome! Woke up at oh dark thirty and headed up to Gilford to watch Timberman 70.3. A bunch of people from NEMS were racing, including coach, and the pro panel… Read More »


Sucks. End of story.    It does suck, for me anyway. I hear everyone saying enjoy your taper, you get all this extra rest time. That would be awesome, if I weren’t cranky, tired and feeling like a slug. I get super pumped to do my workouts and then I get half way through and… Read More »

The tale of two trails…Trail two

Trail two was run today. I use the term run very loosely here. It may have been more of a jog? Speedwalk? Hike? Interval training? Who knows. This one is much closer to my house. Packed up the bike and some run gear and off I went.  Short ride before the run. Parked at the… Read More »

The tale of two trails… Trail One 

I’ve wanted to run two different sets of trails for a while. I’ve heard nothing but good things about both of them. I’m not a good trail runner at all (naturally since I’m not a good runner period), but decided to check them out. Up first: Mine Falls     Downloaded the trail map at home,… Read More »

16 days… 

16 days until my first Olympic distance triathlon and I feel like I had some major breakthroughs. Oh boy, this may be another long post… 1. Running  I am slow. Super slow. Not a secret. I also don’t love running. I want to love running, but I have made some significant progress towards loving it. … Read More »