Monthly Archives: October 2015

Two 5Ks: hills and a PR

I said back in May I wanted to run a sub 30 5K this year. I know this is not a big deal to you fast runners, but it was a big deal to me 🙂 I honestly never thought I would ever run a pace that was in single digits. My first two 5Ks… Read More »

You don’t suck!

I ran a 10 mile run on Sunday. It was my second one. The first one I ran with an average pace of 13:35/mile. This time I ran with an average pace of 11:34/mile. That is huge. I was so excited about the progress I have made with running. It is no secret that running… Read More »

First spin class

Well I officially taught my first spin class and it was interesting. I was so nervous, but it was a whole lot of fun. I did a practice run with my mentor who also happens to be a super good friend and the pep talker… He’s going to need a new name but I’ve got… Read More »

The boss 

The coach-athlete relationship is not something you can put into words. He has to trust me to do my job and I have to trust him in so many different ways. He is not just my boss, my coach, my slave driver, he is my friend, and a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Needless… Read More »

What training really means…

When your goals are speed based, you have to start weighing in with the boss…WHAT?? You’re joking right? Ha,  nope and really it’s not so bad. It certainly makes me think twice before sabotaging my race/training goals with food.    You become a bag lady. I carry no less than 3 bags with me everywhere I… Read More »

Half marathon training, etc

Half marathon training has officially started. It’s completely irrelevant that I picked two other half marathons I wanted to do and quit training for both…right??    It has been on my bucket list for a year… Ever since I finished my first 10K. I’m trying to love running. I guess on the bright side I… Read More »