Monthly Archives: April 2017

Why didn’t I do track sooner?

I wanted to try the organized group track workouts through Gate City Striders last year. But I didn’t. I was way too chicken. I’m not a fast runner and I was super intimidated because they are a club that is fast and is always blasting out emails about their fast runners. That made me like eh… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist

Hello fellow spinners 🙂 Here is last week’s play list. We did rolling hills all through class and it was pretty fun 🙂 4/13/17 –  Playlist 1: Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera – Warm up 2: Alive, Krewella – Light with heavy standing pushes on chorus 3: Shake Senora, Pitbull – Jumps 4: Good Time, Owl… Read More »

Friday Faves #17

Holy cow what a Friday! I have been counting down to Friday since Tuesday. This week has been really good, but really off for me as well. I’ve had these weird moments of sadness where it’s like I forgot my dad passed away and then I remember out of the blue. Grief is a weird… Read More »

Friday Faves #16

I love Fridays 🙂 I really love this Friday because I actually have fun plans this weekend. Whoop.  This Friday is also awesome because it’s sweats day at work. A couple times a year they let us wear sweats for a fundraiser. So, iced coffee sitting on my desk, sweats on, donated money to a… Read More »

Most Asked Mondays

I’ve been brainstorming a way to get bigger messages out that everyone is looking for, so it came to me to start a “Most asked Monday’s” blog series. What better way than to answer a frequently asked question every week 🙂 So to kick things off, I’ll answer the question I get asked the absolute most:… Read More »