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Weekly Spin Playlist

We did rolling hills this week. It was fun, but for real though they are a really awesome group of people 🙂 5/25/16  Playlist 1: “The Sign”, Ace of Base – Warmup 2: “Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake)”, Major Lazer – Light cimb 3: “Despacito – Remix”, Luis Fonsi – Medium climb 4:… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #20

I usually really look forward to Friday, especially if it’s a long weekend. I’m not overly excited for this weekend. I have my last long training weekend Before Patriot 70.3 (which means it’s my longest training weekend), which wouldn’t be so bad except it’s also dance recital weekend and I have family coming to help… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist

As always, here is last week’s spin playlist 🙂 I’ve made them ride hard with a lot of climbing lately so we rode hard with lots of intervals and cadence work this time. It was fun 🙂 5/18/17 Playlist 1: “Your Woman”, White Town – Warm up 2: “Move Ya Body”, Nina Sky – Fast… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #19

It’s Friday….Friday….Friday!! Whoop!! I thought this week would never end….sooooo tired. Training volume is up so sleep is down (because I have a hard time sleeping when my training volume comes up on peak weeks). I usually go to bed at 8:30 and I have been up til 11 or 12 every night…and I get… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist

  It’s time for another weekly spin/indoor cycling playlist 🙂 They asked for a hard strength class so that’s what I gave them. It was tough, so much climbing, and they killed it!! Though there was a lot of groaning in class, they all said it was a really great class 🙂  The overall gist was… Read More »

Friday Faves

Allllriiiiiight Jess I did a Friday Faves just for you 🙂 😉 If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should! This week has been fun. Status quo as always 🙂 I had some killer workouts and some great times. I don’t even want to remember what my life was like before this crazy fitness… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist

We had a ton of fun in class last night. The taco tour was last night so I told them I was going to work them extra hard before they went to eat tacos 😉 They are such a fun group. And obviously it’s like music to instructors ears when a regular tells you she… Read More »

Be Patient With Your Body

This whole weight loss thing is such a double standard. Since I have started tri training I have nothing but yay congrats on the weight loss. (We will come back to this in a bit) When my dad passed away I lost 8 lbs that week. Excessive yes. Do you know how much shit I… Read More »