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Friday Faves/Recap #25

Happy Friday b*tches 😉 The first full week back to work is always a looooonnnngggg week. It was a long week in general. I was a total slacker on my workouts. Totally got called out by the boss for it. Oops. Went silent on social media. Side note: all of you guys that reached out to ask… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap….is back…finally (#24)

I suppose if I’m going to get back in the routine of keeping the weekly spin playlists going, I should also bring back Friday Faves. I know you’ve missed them. Me too 😉 It’s been forever since I gave you a Friday faves, so I’ll give you my favorite things along with the recap through… Read More »

Friday Faves/recap #23 

You’ve got a short and sweet one today 🙂 This past week was awesome! Tapering for 70.3 #2 tomorrow 🙂 spent the week soaking up TAs good vibes in race prep. He also decided to expand his brand from the trademarked TA (the ass) to include JF (jerkface). He kills me. So my favorite things… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #22

Friday Faves a day early 🙂 This week was EPIC!!! My house is coming along….it’s going to be a very long process but it’s starting to feel more like me. This is the time of year when everything gets super fun with training and seeing everyone, it’s also exhausting as training volume ramps up. #worthit… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #21

It’s a short work week so it flew by….which means it’s almost time to open the tri season. First race of the season gets underway in less than 24 hours 🙂 I’m doing King Pine for the second year and while I had planned on doing the Olympic distance this year because I have unfinished… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #20

I usually really look forward to Friday, especially if it’s a long weekend. I’m not overly excited for this weekend. I have my last long training weekend Before Patriot 70.3 (which means it’s my longest training weekend), which wouldn’t be so bad except it’s also dance recital weekend and I have family coming to help… Read More »

Friday Faves/Recap #19

It’s Friday….Friday….Friday!! Whoop!! I thought this week would never end….sooooo tired. Training volume is up so sleep is down (because I have a hard time sleeping when my training volume comes up on peak weeks). I usually go to bed at 8:30 and I have been up til 11 or 12 every night…and I get… Read More »