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Oh yea…her

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, you all know TA by now. We were talking politics. He loves talking politics. Me, not so much. He said something like do this, do that etc etc. I said you realize who you are talking to right? He said: the girl that didn’t own… Read More »

MRI time…again

Saw the sports med doc 2+ weeks ago…it took them 2 weeks to call to schedule the MRI which was a little annoying but honestly after almost 11 months of pain and an already negative MRI, what’s two weeks? I am having an arthrogram MRI (MRI with dye injected into my hip), I may have… Read More »

11 weeks to go

Only 11 weeks… seems like forever and so soon at the same time. Another solid week of training. No reds, but 4 yellows. Well technically 3 yellows bc we had a tri specfic class at tri swim on Wednesday so I didn’t have my watch on from then end of circle swim until the end… Read More »

Catching up: April 2015 

Starting to get a little more confident on the bike. A little. Still not sure how to drink on the bike because my bike handling skills were iffy at best. Did I send a text to a friend after a ride saying something along the lines of “thanks for the heads up not to open… Read More »