Friday Faves – Instant Pot – 12/8/17

By | December 8, 2017


Every once in a while I get my shit together enough to actually write the Friday Faves. I get so many “why haven’t you done the Friday post?” comments/messages. Ummmm I have no good reason other than I am a total slacker sometimes. I own it.

I was in a huge post race blues/off season funk for a long time. Riding the hot mess express big time. But I am officially back to training, motivation has been found. I even set some off season goals:

  1. Actually work on my unassisted pull-up goal: I set this goal forever ago and made some progress towards it, but I definitely did not put the work into that I actually really need to do. So I recruited the help of the two guys that routinely kick my ass (Drew and TA) to get it done. So there better be some pull-ups in my future 😉
  2. PR my 5K time. I have it right now. I know I do. I’m consistently running faster than I was when I set my PR in May. I’m not sure if it was marathon training (but I did have a real hard time finding my legs after that) or if it’s from consistently going to TRX Bootcamp and working on more of the explosive power thing (PS that class kills me!). I think it’s the bootcamp. And I trying to run with the faster runners once a week, I chase them around while I’m dying, but I use it for my speed work day. And the ladies are super supportive.

But aside from working out (wait I do something besides that?) I have two new loves in my life:

Portable charger.

I have bought a couple different ones before and I was also less than impressed with them. So I asked my friend and tech guru David what he recommended for a really good portable charger. I needed one to take with me when I was going out of state to spectate a race. My phone obviously does not hold up all day when taking a million pictures and keeping myself entertained on the long stretches when you don’t see them. I ordered this one and it arrived damaged and didn’t work. I waited too long to return through amazon and sent the company an email and they sent a replacement out right away. Super easy to work with, two emails and I had a new one on my doorstep a couple days later.

This thing is AMAZING!! It really pays to have techie friends that know what they are talking about. I finally got to use it. I charged my phone three times with it and it only used like 5% of the battery on the charger. It is bigger and a little heavier but it is absolutely perfect for what I am using it for. I will buy a smaller version for when I need one, but this is freaking amazing! So if you are looking for a portable charger that will charge pretty much everything I highly recommend this one 🙂 I have the reddish one, but there’s other colors to choose from.



Instant Pot. 

Holllllyyyyy shit what a game changer this one. My only complaint is that I did not buy this sooner. I know you have all heard people rave about theirs, me too. So I finally broke down and bought one. Dinner time is sooooooooooo much easier now. Everything is simplified. Everything is quick. I can make pretty much anything in it and only have one pot to clean. Plus I really love that I can do a quick clean up of the kitchen while it’s cooking and only have to worry about the actual dishes we eat on. Also eggs….amazing. I love hard boiled eggs and so does the punk, but I always lose half of my egg when peeling it. Not when I use the instant pot. A few people told the eggs would be super easy to peel and they weren’t kidding. Soooooo easy. No more leaving half the egg stuck to the shell. I have made dinner in this every time except twice since I got it. Everything has been kid approved. the meat doesn’t dry out, it cleans super easy. If you are on the fence about getting one or not, dooooo itttttt!!!! I use it so much I’m thinking I”m going to buy another stainless steel pot. I bought the 6 quart 9 in 1 and it’s been great. I also love that you can saute right in it then add the rest and go. Still one pot. I do some of my weekly meal prep in it as well. It was really easy to learn how to use. I mean really easy. I was a little of afraid of it at first, but it really is super easy. I definitely cook dinner more and don’t mind cooking dinner now.




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