Friday Faves/Recap #22

By | June 8, 2017


Friday Faves a day early 🙂

This week was EPIC!!!

My house is coming along….it’s going to be a very long process but it’s starting to feel more like me.

This is the time of year when everything gets super fun with training and seeing everyone, it’s also exhausting as training volume ramps up. #worthit

The weekend kicked off with an ice cream and crafts party with the punk at the after school program. It was cute.

And Saturday was the first tri of the season. It’s all recapped, but it was a lot of fun 🙂

I had planned to swim with a bunch of NEMS Sunday morning, but I was a little traumatized from Saturday’s freezing swim, I had NO desire to get back in a cold lake. I went to go see everyone and to drop off some stuff to the triff <3

The rest of the week was swim, bike, run as usual. Less volume because taper! Haven’t gotten any strength training in because I had to cancel with Drew for a mandatory meeting and I missed my favorite class because my car decided it didn’t want to work right out of the blue…yup, just had it worked on last week. Back to the shop it went (they were super awesome and gave me a loaner and took care of the issue at no charge…incredibly thankful for that!!!).

And it’s another short work week for me 🙂 I have the day off tomorrow. Not sad about that!

My favorite things the past week were: 

She Runs This Town Facebook group

We all know I love training with guys. You’d think they’d be intimidating or whatever, but the total opposite is true. They are super supportive, encouraging, they make you work a little harder. They are always willing to help me do stuff they have already mastered, like when they took me out for a Timberman training swim and got me used to a lot of contact and close proximity swimming. But I also really love the SRTT FB group. The women in here are awesome! There is no negativity, everyone builds everyone up. Coordinates group runs, shares deals, advice, etc etc etc. They are funny and fun. I truly enjoy this group. I don’t do as many group events as I would like because (as mentioned) a lot of my training is with guys, but I still really love the group!

Swimming buddies

Ok so I just touched on this, but I LOVE my swimming buddies. I have a few of them. I truly miss swimming with my original swim buddy, Courtney. I was a jerk and changed gyms so I don’t swim with her in the mornings anymore. Boo. But I am super excited I get to see her for open water swims (OWS) now 🙂 I swim with different groups of people depending on schedules. Each group is a little different and serves a different purpose for me. I also get to swim in different lakes this way too. I have one on my list I want to check out soon, but have to find a group that goes there. Point is, you can’t have too many swimming buddies. I will not OWS by myself and being at the pool with other people makes it way more fun!!



So building to that…I LOVE NorthEast MultiSport. I know I have said it before, but every time I am out there training with them connecting with them via email or social media, and definitely racing with them, it reminds me more and more how much I love this group. It’s awesome to be part of a little community full of like-minded supportive people, it’s awesome to make friends with them, it’s awesome to cheer on the fellow orange and blue on the race courses and to get cheered on in return by them and their support people there. We have a ton of club members racing Patriot next weekend and it’s going to be epic because all day long you will hear “Go NorthEast, Go NEMS, Go (insert name)” etc etc. It will be like Timberman all over again 🙂 🙂 I remember being scared to join this group and then even more intimidated by the “real athletes” and the long course athletes, but they are just people, really freaking awesome people that want to show you the ropes, share everything they know.


Team Glukos

This is my first year being an ambassador for a brand and I couldn’t have asked a better company to put in an application for. I used Glukos all last year, at the recommendation of the boss and I love it. I can take gel after gel after gel and it never sits heavy in my stomach. It works fast. But what I love the most is that it is all natural, clean fuel. They have sooooo many different products to choose from. I use the protein powder, gels, gummies the most. They are all worked into my fueling plan. I just tried the protein bars and I am definitely a fan of those too! would never promote a product I didn’t use myself and really stand behind.

Glukos_ Ambassador_Badge_2017-01_small[1]

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter

Ok I know this is not salon shampoo, but I am not spending $40 for shampoo and conditioner. Do I think it’s worth it? Absolutely, but I can’t justify that expense right now. Especially when the punk is now using my shampoo and conditioner because she has long and thick hair too. I have rotated through a few different brands and always come back to Suave Professionals (except post swim, I use a swim specific shampoo…I am trying a new one soon so will report back). I had not tried this one before, but while my shower was out of commission (had some dry wall replaced around my shower) I was showering at my mom’s house and I usually use her salon shampoo there (I have no idea what the name is, but I like it), but I used this one instead. Holy crap my hair felt freaking amazing! The punk used it as well and I honestly think it was the easiest post shower hair brushing session on her hair ever. So it’ll be hanging around in my shower for the foreseeable future 🙂


Favorite Song

That’s all I have for you…

Until next week 🙂

Xo, Mia


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