Friday Faves/recap #23 

By | June 16, 2017

You’ve got a short and sweet one today 🙂

This past week was awesome! Tapering for 70.3 #2 tomorrow 🙂 spent the week soaking up TAs good vibes in race prep. He also decided to expand his brand from the trademarked TA (the ass) to include JF (jerkface). He kills me.

So my favorite things were:

Starting my own business

Doing a soft launch of the new coaching gig. Granite performance. Tri coaching for just for fun athletes and newbies. It’s going awesome so far 🙂 there’s still a ton to do but it’s coming along!

Being superstitious

I did an early morning swim, but later met up with TA for my pre race open water swim because I did my pre race swim with him before Timberman so I figured I should do the same for Patriot. It’s such a relaxed, have fun, make fun of each other swim. It puts me in the right mood to race. Also, I throughly enjoyed my morning swim with the girls 🙂

Race spectating

I was bummed not to do the Nashua Y Tri this year, but I LOVED watching my peeps/teammates/friends race. I love this crew so much.

2.5 month vaca 

Work is done for the summer!!! Need I say more??

I don’t have a new fav song. Still the same as last week. Absolutely loving Slow Hands.

Short and sweet, mostly bc I’ll talk your ear off this coming week 😉 Off to go get ready to race tomorrow. Eeeekkkkk!!!

I am also trying out some new things this week so hopefully they will make the cut for next week 🙂

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