Friday Faves/Recap #25

By | September 15, 2017


Happy Friday b*tches 😉

The first full week back to work is always a looooonnnngggg week. It was a long week in general. I was a total slacker on my workouts. Totally got called out by the boss for it. Oops. Went silent on social media. Side note: all of you guys that reached out to ask if I was ok with my total silence on snapchat, you guys are so freaking cute. So sweet!

I was on a spin bike one time this whole week…..that is tragic!! The only time I was in a class was when I taught last night. As always, they were a bunch of rockstars. I made them climb their butts off and that made it look easy.

I honestly feel like I did nothing all week other than listen to Pandora. That’s what I do when things are off. Listen to music. It works, don’t judge.

Two clients raced this weekend and I could not be more proud of their stellar performances and even more proud of all the hard work they put into getting to that start line. CONGRATS again Jen and Catherine.

I did maximize my time yesterday and got my 30 min run done while my car was getting an oil change. Was just a bit excited the start of my fave rail trail is right next to the place I take my car. Boom! And it was a pretty decent run. I felt great even though it was humid AF and the guys were not so impressed with my dripping sweat when I went back to pick up my car 😉

I had a killer hard ride on Saturday that I totally nailed. There were sooooo many Z5 pushes. I thought my legs were going to fall off by the end, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

And obviously #assbydrew happened. Twice. Like two days in a row twice. Kill me. My hamstrings were on fire for days. Jerk.

That’s pretty much it. It was pretty low key.

But obviously you are only here to know what my favorite things this week were…right?

As I said earlier:


I am actually a spotify kinda girl. All of my running and indoor cycling playlists are on spotify (username: Mkonovel), but I always go back to Pandora when I just want random music played. I have a ton of custom stations and I pick the one I’m in the mood for. Most of the time it’s on shuffle so it plays something from all of my stations. It worked for me this week.


Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas 

I’ve used some of her drills in class and they always go over well. I don’t use a lot of them and defintely mix them into my style of teaching, but it’s definitely a nice resource to go to when I need some inspiration. Ya’ll know spin/indoor cycling is my first love 🙂 You can check her out here  (and bonus: if you do order anything, it’s actually cheaper bc it’s Canadian and paypal does the conversion, plus everything is 50% off right now).

logo (1)


I finally took the plunge and went to Aldi’s. So it’s kind of a pain in the ass in that you have to remember to bring a quarter for the shopping cart and your own bags (they have boxes if you don’t have your own bag). I was actually super impressed how much of my regular grocery shopping I got done for really cheap. I did buy extra of a few things bc they were ridiculously cheap and we would def use it before they went bad. I couldn’t get all of my grocery shopping done there but I got like 95% of it done. The rest I could easily just order from amazon just as cheap as going to another store. There are a couple things I would go to my regular grocery store for, but I think I might make Aldi’s an every other week grocery shopping trip buy the stuff that will last the two weeks and on the in between weeks go to hannaford or market basket for the other stuff 🙂 We shall see.


Epsom Salt

Ok I know I have said this before but with marathon training ramping up it deserves a mention again. Epsom salt baths absolutely save my legs after long weekend training. I have two different ones that I use. My  absolute favorite one is Dr. Teal’s Pre & Post workout. This one is an add-on item from amazon so you do have to add it on to another order, but I order so often anyway ha. I use this one every Sunday after my long run. I also use just regular Epsom salt for those general uses or if I am a little beat up mid week from training/lifting. I am not a fan of ice baths, between the research coming out and how I personally feel, I will chose an Epsom salt bath over an ice bath every single time.


Clifton 4s

I had a rough start switching from my Clifton 3s to the Clifton 4s. My 3s needed to be retired and the 4s now come in wide (whoop whoop) but they are a tiny bit bigger than my 3s, naturally. Same size. In hindsight I should have gone down half a size when switching to wides (fun fact you can also run in mens for a wider with, but I don’t have that option because the conversion from womens to mens sizes puts me in youth boys and they don’t make kid sizes). So I had a few rough couple of runs, but then at the suggestion of a friend, I switched to thicker socks. Holy game changer! No more blisters. I always get blisters on the inside of my foot with every run over 6 miles. Until now. I don’t have to tape or spray my feet anymore. I love the way they feel. I really loved the Clifton 1s, but I think the 4s are right up there as my favorite Clifton model. I do need to order another pair so I can rotate my shoes bc my other ones are almost in need of being retired as well so I think I will order a size 6 and see how they fit. I can always return them and go back to the 6.5 with thicker socks if the 6 doesn’t work. But I am a HUGE fan of the 4s 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for you. What are the things you are loving this week, I’m always down to try new things 🙂

Also, give me your best lap swimming bathing suit. I love mine, but it doesn’t last quite as long as I would like so before I order a new one I’d see what you guys like 🙂



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