Friday Faves/Recap #26

By | September 22, 2017


Happy Friday!!! We survived another week.

Not even gonna lie, this was a rough week. I was EXHAUSTED all week. It takes me far longer to recover from lack of sleep than it used to when I was much younger, but it was 100% worth it.

I got to cross another state off the list of places I have run. No, I have no goal to run in every state bc it is very unlikely I will ever visit every state. It was really the perfect weekend away. I got to visit a new place in all of my introvert glory… there were people there that I knew so I felt safer being away just knowing there were people semi close by if something happened, but I got to do my own thing, explore the city on my own, doing my own thing. It was amazing. Plus a change of scenery for a run was fantastic.

I was pretty low key the rest of the week. It was more of a survive the week and try really hard to catch up on sleep. I had Tuesday off from work which was nice, I got to have a day to just chill…and by chill, I mean workout 4 times obviously.

But I set a new FTP test this week 🙂 🙂 🙂 There will be a whole separate post about that but I had a 32% increase. HELL YES!!!

Other than that, I skipped out on #assbydrew bc I’m a jerk. My booty is shrinking already, I know it 😉 But still got slaughtered in the gym. My body has not been this sore in I forever. #bodybyTA baby, #bodybyTA

So with that, my favorite things this week were:

Five Guys Milkshake

Duuuuuuude, where has this been all my life? I rarely eat at Five Guys, this may have been my 3rd time eating there. I don’t eat super clean, but I am not a fast food person. But anyways, I ran long earlier and I had a massive headache and my options for places to eat were limited with not knowing where I was so I went to there. Obviously, I got a burger (it was great, obviously there too), fries which are always a waste of money because I don’t like fries. I eat like 3 and then I’m good. #moneywaster But I decided, screw it I’ll get a milkshake. I got the vanilla with a peanut butter mix in. Holy freaking amazing! Actually, I wish I never tried it bc I already want another one 😉


The coolest nursing students. EVER

I have had some absolutely AMAZING nursing students over the years. I have been really lucky there. My last two nursing students also happened to be gym buddies of mine. What are the odds of that?? It’s def fun when you know someone outside of work and then they randomly end up being placed with you. And obviously, I am the coolest preceptor ever 😉

Air Relax Compression

I love recovery compression. I get in them every chance I can when they are around race venues or I am with people that have them. My legs honestly feel amazing after I use them.  But that system is waaayyyy out of my price range. So when my teammates were saying they have the Air Relax system and love it just as much as the more expensive brand, I had to check it out. Holy amaze balls!! For 1/4 of the price I didn’t feel any difference between the two. My legs felt amazing. You have no idea how happy I am to find a comparable system. Santa pleeeeaaasssseeee bring me these 😉 (Just kidding, even if Santa doesn’t bring them, they will be a permanent fixture in my house soon) 🙂 Order these like now….and then I’m coming over to hang out until mine come 😉  You can read about the science behind it here, but honestly you won’t believe how good your legs feel after hard workouts using this. Recovery is amazing!


Venus Razor

Ok, this is nothing new, but I did try the dollar shave club thing for a while. I really gave a fair try because so many people really like it, but nope, not me. I hated it from the get go and continued to hate it all throughout. Yes, the razors are cheaper, but they barely last. I would get like 1 maybe 2 decent really smooth shaves and the rest was nothing special. So I just went back to the original venus razor this weekend and I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have that back in my life. I know a lot of girls don’t shave every day and don’t shave as much over the winter, but I workout every day so I shave every single day year round. I can probably count on one hand the amount of days I did not shave my legs this year and it’s been years since I went more than a day. But the venus razors last forever. I replace it maybe once a month, sometimes longer than that and it works just as well a month as it does in the beginning. So yea it might be a tad more expensive, but in the long run I am spending waaaayyyyy less money bc I don’t need to replace the cartridge every freaking week and really needed to twice a week. That’s just stupid.



The song of the week is: P!NK What About Us

What are your favorite things this week?

I have a couple new things I’ve tried out and I’m excited to tell you about them, but I want to make sure I totally love them before reporting back 😉



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