Friday Faves/Recap….is back…finally (#24)

I suppose if I’m going to get back in the routine of keeping the weekly spin playlists going, I should also bring back Friday Faves. I know you’ve missed them. Me too 😉 It’s been forever since I gave you a Friday faves, so I’ll give you my favorite things along with the recap through… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist: August

Still playing catch up so here are all of August’s playlists 🙂 8/2/17 – Playlist 1: “Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson)”, Clean Bandit – Warmup 2: “Brokenhearted”, Karmin – Fast 3: “No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato)”, Cheat Codes – Med to Heavy 4: “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)”, Enrique Iglesias – Fast 5: “Move”, Luke Bryan (Kill The… Read More »

Some that inspires you…

Today’s writing challenge is write about someone who inspires you In case you missed the writing challenge, it’s 30 days of blogging with a new topic each day put on by Run Tri Mom. I talked a little bit about it yesterday 🙂 Well shit, that’s easy, and incredibly hard. There are sooooo many people that… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist: July catch up

Holy slacker batman! I haven’t uploaded a playlist post since 7/20. Sooo bad. I’ve teaching all along having fun with the crew 🙂 So here the last two July playlists 🙂 7/25/17 – Playlist 1: “Feels”, Calvin Harris – Warm up 2: “Wild Ones (feat. Sia)”, Flo Rida – Fast 3: “All Night”, The Vamps… Read More »

Writing challenge: 10 things that make me happy

One of my favorite bloggers and snapchatters, RunTriMom, posted up that she was doing a writing challenge and invited us to come do it with her. Sure thing, I haven’t been all that inspired to blog lately. I have a ton of playlists to get up and sorted, but it’s on the bottom of the… Read More »

Race Report: Maine 70.3

Ironman Maine 70.3 August 27, 2017 So I signed up for this race strictly because of peer pressure. Dana and Courtney kept saying come do Maine, which is sort of the replacement for Timberman although they are not comparable at all. Well that and the plan was 2-3 70.3 distances this year to see how… Read More »

Weekly Spin Playlist (x3)

I owe you guys some serious playlists! What a slacker I’ve been!! Ok in fairness, I was wrapping up work and doing big races back to back weekends and went on vaca. But I’m finally playing catch up so here are the first 3 playlists I haven’t shared yet. 6/15/17 Playlist 1: “Honey, I’m Good.”,… Read More »

Race Report: Rock Lobster Relay 

200 miles from Bar Harbor to Portland, ME. 12 runners. 2 vans. 3 legs each. Team: Milk was a bad choice At King Pine Dan and I were chatting about this relay and he had mentioned they needed another runner in their van. I was down 🙂 I knew Dan, Becky, TA, and had met… Read More »

Race report: Ribfest 5 miler 

Date: Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18, 2017 9:00 am Location: Anheuser-Busch Brewery • Merrimack, NH Distance: 5 miles This was my first year doing this race. I paid for a bib a couple years ago but ended up going to Syracuse to volunteer and spectate at the IRONMAN Syracuse 70.3 so I transferred my… Read More »

Race Report: Patriot Half (70.3)

We signed up for this race when it first opened in October because it sells out pretty fast 🙂 Lead up to the race: I spent the winter following most of my training plan. I was kicking ass with my training from when I was allowed to return to running in December. I tried new… Read More »