Race Report: King Pine Tri – Sprint

By | June 7, 2017
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King Pine Tri & Duathlon Madison, NH June 3, 2017

Sprint Distance Triathlon

Swim-1/3 mile    Bike-12.5 miles    Run-3.1 miles

This is my second time doing this race. Third time at the event.

2015: I went to watch TA and David do this race. They did the Olympic and I was about to do my very first tri a couple weeks later so I wanted to see the whole event. Feel free to read about it here (and the entire recap of May 2015 😉 ). It was freaking amazing. I officially fell in love with tri and with spectating at this race. Also, I didn’t actually know David at the time. I knew of him, but hadn’t officially met him until that day. Now he’s like my racing buddy (he’s fast, and super tech savvy – might be my go to person there, and has a really great blog: DavidDepiano.com) and he amuses my pre or post race selfies 😉

2016: I did the Olympic distance tri. Short story: this race broke me. It was by far the worst race (mentally) I have ever done. It was not my day from even pre-race. But I am super glad I did it. I have unfinished business with that bike course and was planning on doing the Oly again this year, but ended up doing the sprint. Trying to follow my whole “let’s stay healthy plan”. You can read about the whole disaster here.

2017: Read on…

Ok so like I said, initially I was bummed to be doing the Sprint, but overall I am happy with it. This was a tune-up/work the kinks out race before Patriot 70.3 (in 12 days…YIKES).

I knew David and Dan were racing the Oly and TA told me he was racing the Oly as well. The standard King Pine/Pitch Pine crew 😉

The day before I got a message from a fellow club member, it was hilarious. She was my self-proclaimed FB stalker, but now she’s a real person. Cari is a lot of fun 🙂 Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE NorthEast MultiSport, best people ever! I met another club member, Kaitlin, as well and we all hung out pre/post race. Both those gals are awesome.

Anyways, back to the original point. I was bummed about not doing the Oly, but then was kind of happy I would get to see the Oly peeps (I was the only sprint person) finish. If I did the Oly, they would be all packed up and ready to go by the time I finished 😉

Totally blew my pre-race fueling plan the day before. Opps.

Set my alarm for 3am because the race is 2 hours North. Rolled out of bed at 3:25. I’m a fan of the snooze button, what can I say?? 😉 Still managed to leave my house by 4:15ish. I was using my new Peak kit for the first time (I did a test swim in it, but that’s it). It was an uneventful ride. Stopped at the store to get coffee and tic tacs (I lost and/or gave away all my base salt vials so I was using a tic tac container ha). Stopped off two more times on the way because my stomach is always a freaking mess before race. So fun.

Drank my skratch and applesauce mix around 6ish on the way. I am NOT a fan of applesauce, but I guess it gets a little easier to choke down every time. Got to the venue around 6:30. It was a balmy 54 degrees outside. Grabbed my race packet and went back to my car to set everything up. Thought about topping off my tires and then said ummm no I am not going to relive last year again 😉 Ha David even made a comment about it when he walked by me. #traumatized. Chatted with Jill before the race for a bit.

Question of the morning: Where’s Kevin? Is Kevin racing? Did Kevin bail? Ha he’s a smartypants that one…. Not gonna lie, I was worried for a bit about him because it’s not like him to not send a good luck text before a race, especially if it’s a race he’s bailing on. No, he’s just a ding dong.

Got all set up in transition. Dropped all my stuff back off in my car. Wetsuit on, Glukos gel down and walked to the water. Did a short warm up swim. Holy F balls that water was freaking freezing!! By far the coldest water I have done a swim in yet. 66 degrees my ass. Definitely colder than last year. I suddenly didn’t feel so bad that I was only doing the sprint, in and out of the water in no time haha. Some people had already decided they were doing the swim without putting their face in the water…no idea if they actually stuck to that plan or not. I actually did 2 warm-ups…once when everyone went in and then again after the Oly peeps went off bc we were starting later than them. I wasn’t going to do a second but figured I was out of the water so long I should probably put my face in the water again. Did that and got back out to line up for a second pre-race meeting. And then we were off.

Swim: Goal – sub 2:00 pace Actual: 11:36 1:55/100yds 

Ok so that was my goal going in, but with the water being freezing I didn’t even really have the drive to race at all, wondering if I was going to freeze on the bike, so I figured I would just go through the motions and do the race nice and easy. I started in the back. I tell myself every single race to stop starting in the back, but yet I keep doing it. And I started in the middle and I should’ve started to the left because I can hug the buoys when they are to the left (not when they are to the right). I only breathe left. So it was a cluster-f at the start…swimming around people…the usual. It spread out at the first buoy. It also took me that long to settle in and by then it’s half over ha. And for the first time ever someone grabbed my leg and pulled me back, and then tried to swim on my legs. What? Why? There were like 25 people in the water…. I honestly just kept thinking, I hope no one goes under bc it’s so damn cold. And yes, there were people swimming without wetsuits. Yikes.

T1: 3:54 

Sooo it was a little slow, but you have to walk up (or run, but I walk haha) up a carpeted hill, cross the street, then enter transition. It’s nice to have the carpet. Transition doesn’t technically start until you cross the street, but I always lap my watch as soon as I get out of the water bc I want to know my actual swim time. So my official results are: swim 12:33 and T1 2:49 which isn’t a terrible T1 time, I guess. Anyways, socks and shoes on, helmet on, glasses on, gel down (normally I would stick the gel in my mouth and take it as soon as I get on the bike but you start uphill and figured it would just be easier to take it in T1). Felt out of sorts not grabbing extra fuel to stick in my shorts or pockets, everything I needed was already on the bike. And off.

Bike: Don’t fall apart like last year Actual: 45:46

Meh it was ok. I wanted less than 45 as a loose goal. The sprint course is not nearly as hard as the olympic course, there’s no monster climb, there are hills for sure, but I only took one in my baby gear. I took half of the hills in my small ring and half in my big ring. I think I am a much better climber in the big ring. Maybe bc I teach my legs to do that in spin? Obviously, I can’t take a steep climb that way…ha who are we kidding, I can’t take a steep hill in my baby gear 😉 Overall, I felt great on the bike. I ate 1/2 glukos bar 20 min in, but of course timed it at the bottom of a hill and took me forever to actually eat the whole thing. Was planning on taking a gel right before I got off the bike, but I forgot. I didn’t really have anything to compare it to, Nashua Y tri is 3ish miles shorter and pretty flat and I did Appleman in 2015 but that is 2 miles shorter, but probably comparative hill wise. I just can’t get the bike to come together during a race. My training pace and race pace are pretty much the same. Maybe a goal for next off season? And I was worried I’d be cold after the swim, but I was not cold at all on the bike.

T2: 1:43

Nothing exciting. Swapped shoes, grabbed my run belt, left my visor behind bc it wasn’t sunny or hot. Took the gel I forgot to take before I got off the bike and went out.

Run: Goal – DO NOT FALL APART. Actual: 32:47

So every single race I fall apart on the run. I either start off too fast and blow up or I just can’t get my head on right. I have walked in every single tri. So my goal for this one was not to fall apart and not walk (except for the aid station). I felt good when I started running. I ran by feel (plan was by HR, which should have had me running harder than I was).Half of each foot was numb so it felt really freaking weird to run on. That lasted like the first 1.5 miles maybe? Dan and David said they had the same numbness in a toe. Yup, hadn’t defrosted from the freezing swim 😉 There was a guy right in front of me that started walking early on, this is where I usually given in to walking, but I didn’t. Just ran at whatever pace I felt good at. Took my 2 Glukos gummies every mile. Got to the aid station, drank Gatorade (not my favorite) because I forgot my base salt. Again. Sigh. Good thing I stopped for a tic tac container and filled it… #typicalme. It’s an out and back course with some hills, nothing unbearable (wait…what? Did I just say that about a hill?). I was behind a 603 member for majority of the run. Made a little ground on her when she would walk for a minute. She was probably 20-30 steps ahead of me when some 603 members came back down the run course cheering on their teammates. He looked me and said “go get her, catch her Seabiscuit” I cracked up and said yea right. We ended up side by sode (with maybe 1/4 mile left) and chatted about 603 and NEMS and where we were from etc. We both picked up the pace and took it in for the final kick. I was happy I got my pace down to the low 9s at the end of a tri. I think I crossed like 5 seconds ahead of her? We high fived, congratulated each other and went our separate ways.

Overall: 1:35:36

I am really happy with this race. I had NO pain. Seriously, that right there was a win all on its own!!! I have never ever done a tri without hip pain. WHOOP WHOOP!!! I ran the whole time, I felt good throughout the whole race. I could have pushed harder, but I still PR’d the swim by 30 seconds and the run by 2 minutes. So I’ll take it 🙂 Glukos, skratch, and base salt work really well for me. Glukos never sits heavy in my stomach, no matter how many I take. I do have to find something to replace the Glukos energy bars bc they are making them anymore. So bummed. And I might try their protein bars for the longer acting fuel on the bike. I love racing with my teammates/friends. It’s crazy to think I didn’t know any of these people a couple years ago and they are my main crew now 🙂

I had time to kill before the rest were coming in off the bike (it’s an extended course so it’s 33.1 miles) so I went to my car, changed my clothes, put recovery socks on and out on sweats and a sweatshirt bc I was getting cold. Drank my recovery drink and walked back to the transition area (which was really close to my car). Saw Dan in there, cheered him on on the way out. Saw Cari and Jill go out for the run. Never saw David so I hoped all was well (it was, I just missed him…he was too fast for me haha). Packed up my stuff and loaded it all in my car, then walked to the road to see them come in for the run. Dan came through first and I headed to the finish line. Chatted with him for a bit, cracked up about his bike story, he said David was out on the run. Waited for David to come in, we chatted while Cari and Jill came in. I missed Kaitlin bc I really needed to eat, but gave Cari my phone to catch her coming in 🙂 The post race brunch was great, as always 🙂 We all sat together and then went to the awards ceremony. Cari and Dan placed in their AG. Whoop. I was pretty proud of my 4th place AG finish and it wasn’t 4/4 haha. 3rd place was 4 min and 15 seconds faster than me and I edged out 5th place by a whooping 18 seconds ha.

Also….race tattoos….UGH. I love the way they look, I hate taking them off. Someone told me to use sunscreen and it definitely was a lot easier to remove than when I tried a bunch of other stuff last year. Also, also… the chick with her phone out and wearing headphones irritated me for half a second.
And that is the entire race day, all summed up for you. Up next: Patriot 70.3 with a shit ton of NEMS!! It’s gonna be epic 🙂

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