Race report: Ribfest 5 miler 

By | June 25, 2017

Date: Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18, 2017

9:00 am

Location: Anheuser-Busch Brewery • Merrimack, NH

Distance: 5 miles

This was my first year doing this race. I paid for a bib a couple years ago but ended up going to Syracuse to volunteer and spectate at the IRONMAN Syracuse 70.3 so I transferred my bib to the triff 🙂

This year I joined Gate City Striders and USATF. One of the perks is that they will pay your entry into Grand Prix races in exchange for volunteering. Pretty awesome!! I was planning on “running” this race anyway so that was cool. I told the boss I was doing it and he gave me a hard no 😬 we did Patriot 70.3 the day before so I was not surprised by this response. He told me one more time not to do this race. Let me say, I listen to my coach 99% of the time and there wasn’t a single point I could make in my favor to justify doing this so I braced myself for the reprimand and did it. Yes, I received my reprimand and it was well deserved. But the biggest reason I had for doing this was because I needed a distraction. It was the first Father’s Day without my dad and I didn’t want to sit home all day.

Morning of… I felt 100x better than I expected to feel after doing a Half IRONMAN the day before. My legs were sore. Exchanged some texts with TA about whether or not we were actually doing this. Cried A LOT that morning about my dad. I finally understand the “it never gets better, just different”. Lori had picked up my bib for me a few days earlier so I got all ready at home and headed to the race. Parked and took a shuttle to the start. I couldn’t find any one haha. Finally found Lori right before the start.

We chit chatted and started off together but she took off maybe a half mile in. I also realized I forget to start my watch (this is becoming a bad habit 😜) so I put my headphones in and just took it easy. It took a solid mile for my legs to loosen up. I did a lot of run/walking. Not so much bc I needed to but bc it was the smart thing to do.

I am almost always nice to people. It’s just how I roll but there are some things that irritate me and I can’t keep my mouth closed. Some point during that race (maybe mile 1.5?) I slowed to walk. Was all the way to the right and OFF the road, like I was in the dirt. Two ladies next to me slowed to walk as well, right on the white line of the side of the road. A runner came up behind us and said “you guys are three wide you need to move over” fairly rude. With her three friends chit chatting as they passed us. Ok. I totally get that. First it was not intentional, we just slowed to walk at the same time. I didn’t know the other ladies. Second, I wasn’t even on the damn road. Third we were a staggered group of 3 that took up no more room than one person on the side of the road. Fourth, if you don’t like walkers you should stay on the side for runners. The lady next to me was mad, but I let it all of it go bc whatever. So I stated running again a little while later and came up on the runner that said something. Running FOUR wide across the road, all chit chatting. Seriously??? So I ran right through the middle of them and said “hmmm you guys look four wide to me” and just kept running. I was so annoyed. So yes lady you had a point, BUT are you seriously going to police the road and then turn around and do the exact same thing? She shot me a dirty look as I ran by but I never saw her again bc I stayed ahead of her (not intentionally it just worked out that way).

Anyways saw b on course and high fived him. Saw him again at the water stop and he said I’m just going to throw water on you. I said please do it’s so hot (he didn’t) I said why am I even here, this is stupid?? He said bc you’re a dumbass, you did a half ironman yesterday. Yea. That. Kept on trucking (run/walking). Saw TA and June 🙂 and went to the finish.

Sarah Crane was there and yelled out as I finished. She is amazing!! I love that lady. Crossed the finish, grabbed a water and turned around to find June 🙂 Ran/walked the last 3/4 in with her and TA 🙂 That lady is also AMAZING! I don’t think she has any idea how much she inspires me! Then off to find Lori and Petra for some beer and food. #winning

The course isn’t bad. You start uphill (bleh) a couple hills here and there, lots of flat. I would like to do it again and race it. And how can you go wrong with free entry into ribfest and two free beers??

We met up with Stephen (seriously nice guy 🙂 ) and some other people. Ate wayyyyy too much food and had beer. It was a lot of fun 🙂 Saw TA and June as they were leaving and I was about to head out too to go see the fam for Father’s Day. Got on the shuttle and couldn’t remember where I parked haha. TA saved the day there too haha which cracked me up.

That’s about all I have for that one. It was just a nice easy run on a good course with a great after party 🙂

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