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Friday Faves #16

I love Fridays 🙂 I really love this Friday because I actually have fun plans this weekend. Whoop.  This Friday is also awesome because it’s sweats day at work. A couple times a year they let us wear sweats for a fundraiser. So, iced coffee sitting on my desk, sweats on, donated money to a… Read More »

NEMS Indoor TT

Well I survived my first indoor time trial…sort of. Deb had the early shift for volunteering so I went early to see her and Mark and to see how the whole TT thing worked. Got lots of advice from PTC Coach Trent about, well, everything lol. Hung out with everyone, got to meet a lot of… Read More »

The boss 

The coach-athlete relationship is not something you can put into words. He has to trust me to do my job and I have to trust him in so many different ways. He is not just my boss, my coach, my slave driver, he is my friend, and a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Needless… Read More »