Who’s who?

Who’s who in my life?

I frequently talk about the same people over and over. This is because they are a huge part of this crazy life I call triathlon. Some people I refer to by name, some I do not. Some have been referred to by several names over the years ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I thought I would introduce you to the people I am frequently posting about ๐Ÿ™‚


This is a group that was originally 4 and is now 6. Although I only really ever see 5 of them. These badasses are: Lori, Debbie, Kevin, Mark, Ardith. I met Mark during my first ever open water swim. I all out panicked and he was so good and stayed with me the whole time. I met his amazing wife Debbie no too long after at a tri training. I mean amazing. Love her to pieces. I tell everyone they are my favorite tri couple <3 I met Ardith through Debbie and Mark. Lori and Kevin….well that’s a whole different story. We will get to them ๐Ÿ™‚ We have trained together and raced together so many times and they truly make triathlon so much better.

The Triff:

Oh Lori….where do I even start with her? I met this crazy badass on the day I joined NorthEast MultiSport (NEMS). We were at the same club meeting and started talking. We exchanged info and just kind of blew it off. We became Facebook friends the next day. Shortly after she had posted asking if anyone wanted to join her for a ride on Sunday. I had commented something like bummer I am riding Saturday. Anyways we ended up meeting up Saturday to ride and it was AMAZING!! There are people you just connect with. She is one. That day kicked off two years of some of the best memories ๐Ÿ™‚ There is no way I could put into words the love I have for this girl. Her friends had named us triffs (tri bffs) and it just stuck. I could talk your ear off forever about her, but all you need to know is she is a freaking beast at racing (running and tri), she’s kind, she’s crazy (in the good way), she’s giving, she’s like my friend soulmate <3 Also, she gives the best damn hugs ever. I could gush about her for pages and pages, but I’ll spare you.

My family:

My mom and my punk are the two I talk about the most. My dad is no longer with us. My stepdad has been a rock in my life for as long as I can remember. My mom and my stepdad are very supportive of my training and racing. They also come to a race if it is a new distance. My punk is my little twin. I’m so screwed. She’s sassy and sensitive. I also have a teenage son, but he likes to stay behind the scenes for numerous reasons so that’s where he stays, but he is a GREAT kid. Super smart, funny, also a typical teenage boy. And 2 brothers, but neither one lives local any more, boo to that.


The Boss:

This would be Colin Cook of Peak Triathlon Coaching. I had heard about him from lots of different people long before I met him and was soooooo intimidated by him. He is a freaking badass. Unreal. I officially met him because TA pointed me in his direction for swim help and long story short he became my coach. Two years ago this month <3. He has been everything. He started with me as a complete beginner. He encouraged me and grounded me every step of the way. He still does. He let’s me dream big, then dream bigger, but never too big. He gives me the time and space to figure things out on my own unless it’s a hard no and me figuring out without him will cause too much damage. He lets me have some slack, but reigns me in when I wander too far. He picks me up when I fall down over and over. And obviously he writes my training plans, that I am fairly certain are designed to kill me, but somehow I survive them.



Save the best for last? Good lord, I should just stop here. There are no words. You’d never know his name because I don’t ever call him by his name, in real life and on here. Ok sometimes I actually call him by his real name. I have probably called him 6,000 different things over the years. He loves it, I swear (read: he wants to kill me most days) ๐Ÿ˜‰ย But since the day I met him a million yearsย three years ago, I have called him an ass. Not like an asshole kind of ass, but like a really sarcastic and funny ass (don’t be fooled he can be the other kind of ass as well, can’t we all?) and I tried to give him nicer names throughout the years, but The Ass (TA) just suits him and he said he liked it so there it is. So now that all that is out of the way, this guy is on the top of my list of favorite people. He marks a before and after in my life. I was a gym rat when I met him in spin class, but he is what kicked off my whole triathlon journey. I had wanted to do one long before I met him, but is the one that supported and encouraged me to go after it. He helped me with my running, still helps me with strength training, kicks my ass in classes, directed me to the amazing people in NEMS, led me to the boss. I cracked the door to triathlon, but he came long, opened the door and shoved my ass right through it. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like had I not met some of these people. I found my first love for workouts because of him, spinning. It is always my favorite thing to do. I took his class for years before I told him I wanted to teach spin but I was scared, he basically said if I wanted it bad enough I wold do it, then he became my spin mentor. Sat there with me while I struggled through my first few classes. He introduced me to so many things that are not tri or workout related as well. Over the years he has become one of my closest friends, my support person, a royal pain in my ass. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are such opposites, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. He’s him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And his mom: BADASS!! You want to meet one of the sweetest, most inspirational people ever? Look no further than right there. I adore her so damn much. I love racing with her, seeing her in classes, bantering during Pats games, she is truly amazing!

There are so so so many people in my corner and in my journey: B, Ben, Kristin, Sarah, my friends before Tri, I mean so many people, I couldn’t possibly name them all, but I just gave you a look at the people that very frequently make the posts.

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